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Recall Lo Walker

I am surprised that no one has suggested a recall of Mayor Walker. Bossier City is in decline. Look around. Trashy roads, pot holes, reduced city services, inadequate police protection, water department outsourced, many other city services slated to be outsourced. The City Council can only do so much to save the city from inept executive leadership. We need a new leader. Why is an 87-year-old guy with multiple retirements still inflicting his mismanagement on us all? We can’t wait for the election. We need to recall Lo now! What say you, South Bossier? Rise up and take back our city from incompetent leadership before it is too late! Move on, Lo, move on!

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Gina Depingre’ introduced as a member of the 2020 Louisiana Tourism Leadership Academy

The Louisiana Travel Association (LTA) introduced Gina dePingre’, sales and service coordinator for the Shreve-port-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau, as a member of the Louisiana Tourism Leadership Academy (LTLA) class of 2020 at its annual meeting on Jan. 30 in Charenton.

Settle Talk

Settle Talk

There IS a reason that Bossier City kicked the Mardi Gras parades to the west side of the river many, many years ago. It’s called too much expense with police and fire protection as well as parade cleanup.

Councilwoman Fuller shows she is not a rubber stamp for anyone

I am sure that many of you have heard the old adage, “politics ain’t bean bag” or “politics is a contact sport,” which is so true. Politics has always been seen as a dirty business by some Americans, and it will remain so. That is why it is called the “swamp,” because so many people think that it just swallows people up and they forget what they stand for or who they are working for.

Should you adopt a pet from Caddo Parish?


With the final tackle of the NFL season behind us, the XFL just getting going and the NBA season about to have their All-Star game, the next major sport up is Major League Baseball. Over the next seven weeks I will be previewing each division as we grow closer and closer to the first pitch on March 26. Up first in my previews will be the National League East. The defending World Series Champion hails from this division in the Washington Nationals who made it to the post season by way of the Wild Card. The final standings had the Atlanta Braves winning the division with a 97-65 record, followed by the Nationals at 93-69, the New York Mets at 86-76, the Philadelphia Phillies at 81-81 and the Miami Marlins at 57-105.


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