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MPC members should not attend UDC Townhall meetings

In case a reader has been sleeping under a rock, it’s not news that the Caddo parish Unified Development Code (UDC) has been taking fire, in a big-time way, from the Caddo Alliance for Freedom. This north Caddo group has attended two Caddo Commission meetings en mass as well as a meeting of the Shreveport Caddo Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) and expressed their strong objections to the UDC.

Shreveport: It’s the sprawl, stupid!

Inquisitor. Stop the presses! Professor Sadow and I agree on something, and that is a great place to start a discussion. Professor Sadow and I both agree, “no further study is needed” on annexations in Shreveport. The results of a decades-long Grand American Experiment in Urban Planning are in. The American Dream of unlimited growth forever is officially over. We are now living into an American Nightmare of sprawling decay right here in Shreveport, and we need to wake up. As noteworthy infrastructure and municipal finance blogger Michael Durand-Wood said recently on his blog, “Dear Winnipeg,” “We cannot afford the city we have built,” speaking of Winnipeg. Or as former Shreveport City Councilman Tom Arceneaux said recently on 710 KEEL, “The first rule of holes is, when you hit bottom, you stop digging.” Professor Sadow, Shreveport hit bottom at least three decades ago, but we are still digging. We are still annexing, and it needs to stop. Now! We can’t afford the city we have built, why build more?

NFL Mock Draft 2.0

Each year one of my favorite things to once the NFL season starts to wind down is take a look ahead to who could be drafted where in the upcoming draft, this year to be held on April 23 in Las Vegas, Nev. With two weeks remaining in the season the draft positions haven’t been cemented, so I will use the projected draft.

NFL Awards & HOF Class

The Saturday before the Super Bowl, they held the annual NFL Honors show, announcing and celebrating the winners of the MVP and other major awards as well as the official announcement of the 2020 Hall of Fame Modern-Era and continued celebration for the 15-member Centennial Class of 2020, revealed on Jan. 15.

Redevelopment is a better investment

Most cities and towns in North America are functionally insolvent. This is not hyperbole. It comes down to a simple question: Is new development producing enough wealth to fund the long-term maintenance of its own infrastructure — let alone public safety and all the other services that we expect government to provide? When we examine these costs and revenue streams, we often find the answer is no.


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