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Louisiana Association of School Superintendents’ response to student learning opportunities during closure

Local superintendents across the state have dedicated their professional lives to the education of Louisiana’s public school children. As such, they shoulder the responsibility of mitigating a variety of issues, events and circumstances that may impact student learning.

Focus on Sports

The Independence Bowl announced on Tuesday during a Zoom webinar that they had secured an agreement with the small-business prime contractor Radiance Technologies on a five-year agreement to become to title sponsor of the Independence Bowl. The agreement will begin with the 2020 bowl game and will run through the 20204 game. During the Zoom webinar, Independence Bowl Foundation Chairman Frank Auer said that “the long-term partnership with Radiance technologies is very exciting for the Independence Bowl, as it brings tremendous potential for the future as we embark on our 45th year. … It will allow the superior work Radiance technologies is performing for our military, along with the top-priority events the bowl undertakes each year to be highlighted to millions of people as we push forward together.”

What challenges might CAO Whitehorn face?

What challenges might CAO Whitehorn face?

Following another round of “lively” discussion the Shreveport City Council finally approved Henry Whitehorn as the city’s next Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). The vote was a 4-3 approval and, for the most part, along party lines. The duties of the CAO have been well documented yet there may be some challenges ahead the new CAO will face which are not in his job description. These challenges, depending upon whom one talks with, have more to do with personalities than intellect.


The daylily has been called “the perfect perennial.” There are few plants that can compete in hardiness and beauty. They are also easy to care for. For the most part, daylilies need to be divided every three-five years. Last summer, I got some from my sister-in-law, who now lives on the “Dillard home place.” Dividing them is easy: Dig down deep and around a large clump of lilies. When you bring the root ball up, simply shake. The dirt will fall off, and you will see defined divisions in the lilies. Dig a hole, make sure you have some good soil (may want to mix a little garden soil in to make it nice and rich), shake in some Osmocote, drop in the lily, fill the hole in and voila! Daylilies are hardy and should be fine on their own.


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