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This is how your government makes

This is how your government makes sausage: New interstate service road?

I attend Northwest Louisiana Council of Governments (NLCOG) meetings. I am interested in how our Infrastructure system became so fouled up. Best I can tell, COGs were formed by the federal government back in the 1900s to give small, dysfunctional governments some control over larger dysfunctional governments outside in other parishes.

Ivory Pie Crimper

Ivory Pie Crimper

Old tools can be hard to identify because many are no longer used. A carved ivory leg with a little wheel at the top looks like it might be a toy or a drawing aid, but it would be odd to make a tool of ivory. This auction item, recently sold by Eldred'sAuctions, is a pie crimper, probably made by a sailor to give to a girlfriend or mother. It sold for $3,600 as an interesting, decorated piece of folk art. Those who bake pies know that the wheel is used to cut or seal decorative edges of a pie crust. But there is another bit of history that makes this antique interesting.


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