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A new Co-Op coming soon to Shreveport

A new Co-Op coming soon to Shreveport

This past summer I found myself at the Farmers’ Market nearly every Saturday. I serve on the board of a local grocery co-op that is working toward opening in Shreveport in about two years. Board members have been studying memberowned grocery co-ops for about two years. They travel as far as Minnesota to convene with Food Co-Op Initiative (, a non-profit that steers food co-ops through the long process of opening a store.

Focus on Education

Every Bossier Parish student will eat for free the remainder of the 2020-21 school year, resulting in big savings for their families during the pandemic that has led to financial constraints for so many.

Is there a lost innocence in Halloween or have I gotten old?

Is there a lost innocence in Halloween or have I gotten old?

Growing up, many, many years ago, Halloween day was just as anticipated as a birthday or Christmas. Back then there were not a lot of costumes to be bought unless you wanted those big plastic faces that you wore over your face with a thin elastic band around your head. They were impossible to breathe through, and you ended up wearing them as a hat.

Halloween Torch

Halloween Torch

In ancient times, the Celt dressed in trange costumes to scare the spirits that were killing the crops in the fal l. That was a forerunner of Allhallows Eve, when people asked for food in exchange for prayers for a good year. Halloween was celebrated in the United States by the 19th century, brought by the Irish. They carved scary turnips, but learned that the pumpkin was easier to use. The Halloween parade didn't start until the 1900s. Allentown and Newtown, both in Pennsylvania, claim the first known parade. There were costumed people, bands and parade torches. Some of the metal torches were shaped like jack-o-lanterns and today those are rare Halloween collectibles. The vintage jack-o-lanterns are made of papier-mache. Newer ones are plastic foam or hard plastic.

Data Breach Impacts 46,000 Veterans

A data breach occurred at the Department of Veterans Affairs when thieves attempted to divert medical payment funds at the Financial Services Center away from community hea lth care providers that take care of veterans outside the VA. The minute the techies noticed the breach, they took it offline, of course, and locked it pending a security review.

Is No Treat for Pets

DEAR PAW'S CORNER: Last year, my kids dumped out their trick-or-treat candy on the kitchen table to sort through. Halfway through it, they got distracted and left. I wasn't paying attention either, but our two Golden retrievers, “Nala” and “Jetty,” certainly were. They both got onto the table and ate much of the candy - of which most contained chocolate.


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