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With the cooler temperatures that keep coming back around, there is still time to treat your yard for unwanted weeds and add to or start your vegetable garden. Speaking of gardening, have you ever wanted to garden but either don’t have the space or not sure how to start? May I suggest “raised beds”? A raised garden bed is a large planting container that sits aboveground and is filled with soil and plants. It is a box with no bottom or top — a frame — that is placed in a sunny spot and filled with good-quality soil. The benefits of a raised bed range from making gardening easier on the back and knees, ideal for small spaces, longer growing season and fewer weeds. There are several easy “how-to” instructions and videos on line. You can ask Alexa or go to

Focus on Sports

Every LSU player who was eligible and applied for the draft was either drafted or signed as a free agent. What a way to show off the value of coming to LSU, It’s hard to imagine a better recruiting message, especially when it can be delivered while wearing a national championship ring. Below is a recap of the Tigers and their new teams.

No compensation...

“The administrative leave that we have been paying employees to stay at home and get paid will end on April 30. Beginning May 1, employees will be allowed to take annual leave, comp time and, uh, family medical leave if, if, if it meets the criteria. Uh, but the paid leave for those employees, uh, will end on, uh, April 30. Employees doing telework, we get; we have a lot of employees that are working, uh, every day. Uh, we will maintain the telework. Uh, we will allow, uh, phase approach for the directors to bring employees back that want to come back. Uh, these individuals that don’t want to come back and have leave available, uh, can take their leave.”


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