February 15 11:57 AM
A murder mystery plaguing the Cross Lake area of Shreveport since 2016 has finally been solved, thanks to a rookie detective just assigned to the case. William Hines, 81, was discovered dead in his residence on June 19, 2016. An autopsy determined that Hines died as a result of multiple stab wounds.
February 15 10:19 AM
Shreveport has been plagued with homicides and violent crimes committed by teenage suspects. Caddo District Attorney James Stewart has been actively prosecuting the juvenile thugs; however, prosecutors say they depend on the judges to hand down harsh sentences to those who commit violent crimes.

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February 01 12:50 PM
For one of his inventions, Kato has developed a process in which to grow a species of microscopic algae called diatoms, harvest it and process it into a powder that can form throw beads and doubloons. After the fun is had, these celebratory throws will biodegrade in soil in about one to two years.
January 18 01:04 PM
After further investigation by Det. Larry Pierce, a second suspect, age 16, was identified as the person who originally brought the gun to school. The gun was in a backpack when the 16-year-old gave it to the 15-year-old boy to hold for him..
January 18 01:04 PM
The investigation began in May of 2018 when the Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigations -- Criminal Investigations Division (CID) was contacted by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor (LLA) regarding possible payroll fraud by Abels. Upon learning of the allegations, CID initiated a joint investigation with the LLA.

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