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Bossier City Council reverses course on Civic Center

Two weeks ago, The Inquisitor reported on Bossier City’s plans to end its management of the Civic Center. The proposed ordinance would have put the building up for lease to defray its cost of operation. Before its March 3 meeting, the Bossier City Council removed this item from the agenda. Instead, the current operations manager, Fred Dennis, will be promoted to interim executive director, with a salary increase of about $10,000.

Thieves cannibalize public infrastructure

Thieves cannibalize public infrastructure

Perhaps you’ve heard that America isn’t what it used to be. In 2016, our current president campaigned (and won) on reestablishing our former greatness. Apparently, we have a lot of work left to do. Not only are many of our bridges old and in need of repair, but thieves are tearing up our high-mast lighting. You know those lights you see on poles along the interstate and highways? Arthur Ray Teague Parkway in Bossier City lost 800 feet of its copper wire this week, plunging a long stretch into darkness.


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