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Shreveport: It’s the sprawl, stupid!

Inquisitor. Stop the presses! Professor Sadow and I agree on something, and that is a great place to start a discussion. Professor Sadow and I both agree, “no further study is needed” on annexations in Shreveport. The results of a decades-long Grand American Experiment in Urban Planning are in. The American Dream of unlimited growth forever is officially over. We are now living into an American Nightmare of sprawling decay right here in Shreveport, and we need to wake up. As noteworthy infrastructure and municipal finance blogger Michael Durand-Wood said recently on his blog, “Dear Winnipeg,” “We cannot afford the city we have built,” speaking of Winnipeg. Or as former Shreveport City Councilman Tom Arceneaux said recently on 710 KEEL, “The first rule of holes is, when you hit bottom, you stop digging.” Professor Sadow, Shreveport hit bottom at least three decades ago, but we are still digging. We are still annexing, and it needs to stop. Now! We can’t afford the city we have built, why build more?

MPC members should not attend UDC Townhall meetings

In case a reader has been sleeping under a rock, it’s not news that the Caddo parish Unified Development Code (UDC) has been taking fire, in a big-time way, from the Caddo Alliance for Freedom. This north Caddo group has attended two Caddo Commission meetings en mass as well as a meeting of the Shreveport Caddo Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) and expressed their strong objections to the UDC.

Should you adopt a pet from Caddo Parish?


With the final tackle of the NFL season behind us, the XFL just getting going and the NBA season about to have their All-Star game, the next major sport up is Major League Baseball. Over the next seven weeks I will be previewing each division as we grow closer and closer to the first pitch on March 26. Up first in my previews will be the National League East. The defending World Series Champion hails from this division in the Washington Nationals who made it to the post season by way of the Wild Card. The final standings had the Atlanta Braves winning the division with a 97-65 record, followed by the Nationals at 93-69, the New York Mets at 86-76, the Philadelphia Phillies at 81-81 and the Miami Marlins at 57-105.

Councilwoman Fuller shows she is not a rubber stamp for anyone

I am sure that many of you have heard the old adage, “politics ain’t bean bag” or “politics is a contact sport,” which is so true. Politics has always been seen as a dirty business by some Americans, and it will remain so. That is why it is called the “swamp,” because so many people think that it just swallows people up and they forget what they stand for or who they are working for.


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