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Recall Lo Walker

I am surprised that no one has suggested a recall of Mayor Walker. Bossier City is in decline. Look around. Trashy roads, pot holes, reduced city services, inadequate police protection, water department outsourced, many other city services slated to be outsourced. The City Council can only do so much to save the city from inept executive leadership. We need a new leader. Why is an 87-year-old guy with multiple retirements still inflicting his mismanagement on us all? We can’t wait for the election. We need to recall Lo now! What say you, South Bossier? Rise up and take back our city from incompetent leadership before it is too late! Move on, Lo, move on!

Mardi Gras parades

Amen. The “in kind” services by SPD, SFD, sanitation, SPAR, etc. is absurd knowing many Shreveport taxpaying citizens do NOT participate in parades and/or many events scheduled for Shreveport, and all receive “in kind” to a degree it is unreasonably costly and debilitating. Long overdue to have COS leaders address the inside down financial obligation approach!

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It’s time to get ready for your annual spring planting

The always popular “Vegetable Garden Planting Guides” from Lone Star Feed are now available. The legalsized guide provides calendars for the months February through September, designed for the Ark-La-Tex. All the popular crops are listed with the first date for spring and fall plantings, seed/plants per 100-foot row, distances, days before harvest, yield per 100 feet of row and average days of harvest. It is a “handy planting tool” that all gardeners can benefit from. Your county agriculture agent has a listing of adapted varieties, and the seed catalogs have sources of the seeds. Visit your local feed and seed store for the best in your area.


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