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Moving forward?

I am not against this project, but given the history of the Shreveport administration these past years and how they do business and stall projects, I don't see it coming the way they say it is. Shreveport is the only city I've been to that studies the hell out of things and never moves forward. What happened to the other project in the downtown area they invested money in, and it went no where and no explanation was given why? Somebody's hands got greased. The city cannot even support a semi-professional team that comes here. The poor people are suffering more and more, and it ain't getting no better. One councilman is really pushing this, and I would investigate who is pushing his button very carefully. Downtowns are not profitable anymore, so why go in that direction? Well, they say if it looks like a duck, it could be one. Good luck, Shreveport. Until the backward thinking of the money pushers involve everyone, Shreveport will never go forward. The money pushers have a puppet in place right now and it is going to explode in Shreveport's citizens' faces if they are not careful. No one is addressing the poor conditions of Shreveport's roads, depilated houses and properties, and the overall look of this city. The mayor, Rocket Man, was all over the poor parts of the city when he was trying to get elected, but have you seen him since then? There are a lot of hidden underlying plans in this project that are only privileged to a few of us. Then you have a lawyer that was run out of town involved in this now. I see they pulled Pastor Mays out of the woodwork to become a cheerleader. Good luck on financing this. Like Mr. Settle said, "If you can't afford to drive it, don't kick the tires."


The Inquisitor

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