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RV living

I’d just like to know why the people still have the RV in Blanchard that they are living in? I thought it was supposed to be moved out by now.

Mystery dining

Yes, I was just wondering why you guys don’t do the mystery dining experience column any longer? I think the local restaurants would really be blessed if you guys would

Bond issue

I’d just like to say that I hope and pray that the bond issue passes for the City of Shreveport. If it doesn’t, we will become a ghost town. We

Webster Jail

Yes, I am calling about the jail in Minden, Bayou Dorcheat Correctional Center. I had someone locked up there in May, and they had a narcotics prescription. I went up


If you were here on 9/11, you should never forget that they did it from the sky. You should be even more fearful now. But now they are infiltrating our


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