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What are we going to do without LSU football?

Well, here we are, folks! Getting down to the wire and the dreaded question now must be answered: Will there be college football?

For a small percent — and since this is Louisiana, I will say small — this probably doesn’t even get a second thought. Most of the state, however, will be completely utterly LOST!

As a wife and mother of sons, this really leaves me in a paradox, now what? Do we grieve? Do we get mad? Watch every past game we can come across? Do we pretend it never existed? Take up a new hobby? Send our husbands and sons to weekly meetings? What?

There has been a joke for years that in South we go to church twice on the weekends. Thanks to the powerhouse of college football, the almighty Southeastern Conference, we worship on Saturday as well as on Sunday. And most people will tell you this absolutely correct whether they want to admit it or not. Many of us have planned gatherings, marriages, births, divorces and even funerals around a football schedule. “It’s Saturday? Yeah, that ain’t happening!”

Some of us have entire rooms in our homes dedicated to the team. Do we bar the doors? Do we turn into a shrine? Will I find my husband there every Saturday throwing stuffed footballs and yelling at an imaginary TV?

What about my home décor? Well, since I married a full-breed Louisiana man, my choices of décor are pretty much limited to the colors purple, gold and whatever goes with purple, gold and tigers. Luckily we are with the beautiful fleur de lis to bring all these together and form a beautiful “tiger-lovin” home. I would hate to think though I would send someone into PTSD breakdown just by walking into my living room.

Usually from August to October, the décor gets really LSU – purple and gold all the way. Wreaths, photos change, wall art, autographed footballs on the mantel, you name it, its slapped with LSU! But what if there is no football? Do I just stay with the current décor? Change everything out? Go straight to fall? What? Can Martha Stewart or someone give us some tips here on how to handle this apocalypse.

Saturday, what about Saturday? Actually, out of curiosity, what do non-football people do in the fall on Saturday? I can see my husband’s face now when I go to say, “Well, honey, since there is no football, let’s go to the craft show!”

One good positive could be more yard work on the nice fall days. Home projects getting completed. Reading a novel, painting, crafting. Boy, this is getting farfetched!

I suppose we can still wear all our LSU wardrobe; I mean, we basically do all year anyway. But there again, would that be insensitive if there is no football? Do I pack it all away in the LSU room?

I am really worried here, folks. Are we going to have people breaking down crying when they see a picture of Coach O? Speaking of coach, is everyone going to binge watch any video we can find, just to hear our much-loved coach’s voice? Who else is going to give us our “geaux tigas”?

As the unknown starts making its way over the horizon, we must prepare ourselves. Not only are the beloved tigers on the block but now possibly the Saints. (That’s a whole other article that I am just not prepared to face yet)

For a wife and mother, it is always our job to prepare for those unknowns. We must buckle down and try to get through these unforeseen times and pray, pray, pray that they do not mention canceling hunting season. Seriously, that’s the final straw! DON’T EVEN GO THERE!

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