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July 03 12:00 AM
“We thought for perhaps the next two to three months we would put a crew together specifically to work on flood damaged roads,” Altimus told jurors during their monthly meeting. “We will continue our regular road repair program plus we’ll take care of the flood damaged roads.
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May 29 12:00 AM
“Those gates are not flood control gates. They’re not designed for the lowering of the lake. Flood control gates drop from the top. If you raise the gates, you’re taking away a portion of the 1,200-foot spillway. It’s like having a big logjam on top, and you’re piling up the water,” he said.
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May 29 12:00 AM
Getting the go-ahead at public hearings scheduled during the meeting were Faith Estates subdivision and King Woods subdivision. Faith Estates, located north of Princeton, is scheduled for 19 lots ranging from one-half to 2.3 acres. Faith Estate homes will be “stick built,” with a 2,000-squarefoot minimum.
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May 08 12:00 AM
“Our contractors are going through here leveling the bottom, which will help eliminate deep spots where water still collects when the ditch is dry,” he said. “Those pools of water are excellent breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Getting rid of those potential breeding areas will help us with our mosquito control program.
Bossier News
May 08 12:00 AM
“Now, the owner is limited to trying to market that property under a plan that basically was unworkable. It was not going to dollar out for the developer, which is why he had to resign from that development,” Marsiglia said. “It’s very limiting to the property owner to try to sell with that plan still in place.

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September 21 09:41 AM
I have a confession to make. And President Trump is not going to like it. I’m a southern country lawyer. Darn proud of it. In the president’s words, I may be a “dumb southern country lawyer.” I just hope the president does not have a sneering contempt for all of us Louisiana lawyers who cut our teeth practicing law in the rural areas of the Bayou State.
September 21 09:41 AM
With incumbents, the obvious factors are job performance while in office. For the mayor, this involves the leadership of the city. With council incumbents, attendance at work sessions and council meetings, votes on key issues and responsiveness to constituent matters are issues for voters.
September 14 10:16 AM
According to the May 15 guilty plea, a Louisiana State Police trooper stopped Rich’s vehicle May 3 near the intersection of Interstate 220 and Louisiana Highway 80. The trooper searched the vehicle and found a semi-automatic handgun, 141.3 grams of methamphetamine, 36.

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