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August 28 12:00 AM
The first report comes from our neighboring state, Texas, from the fine city of San Antonio. On Tuesday, Aug. 18, Valentin Renko, 25, and Karen Lee, 31, were arrested in connection with a scheme involving the sex trafficking of a minor child, according to Special Agent in Charge Christopher Combs of the FBI’s San Antonio Division.
August 14 12:00 AM
I realize that I have stated many times in this “Meth in the News” column that 90 percent or more of the methamphetamine in the United States today comes from Mexico, provided by the Mexican drug cartels and their compatriots in this country. However, on a daily basis I still see reports of meth being “cooked” throughout the U.
August 07 12:00 AM
As I reported a few weeks ago in this column, the Justice Department announced earlier this year that, “The Sinaloa Cartel moves drugs by land, air, and sea, including cargo aircraft, private aircraft, submarines and other submersible and...
July 03 12:00 AM
I have been maintaining my Web site, Methamphetamine in the News, since March 31, 2011, and have made 11,294 posts (as of the writing of this article). I have reported on all types of horrific methrelated crimes, including neglect resulting in the death of children, murders, sexual abuse, rapes — you name it.
June 19 12:00 AM
A 14-hour search by Pasco County sheriff’s deputies in Crystal Springs, Fla., last week, finally ended a crime spree by Kenneth Brown, 30, of Spring Hill. Mr. Brown is well known in Pasco County; he is a known methamphetamine user with 22 prior arrests and numerous probation violations to his credit.
June 12 12:00 AM
Last Wednesday, an 18-wheel truck driver was arrested for speeding, on multiple levels, in Richmond, Ky. A Kentucky State Police officer pulled over a semi truck that he clocked traveling at an excessive rate of speed on I- 75. The 18-wheeler was also pulled over for the improper use of the left lane.
May 29 12:00 AM
Last Friday, an off-duty patrol officer in Montgomery County, Va., was returning from a training session at around 9:45 in the morning. Imagine his surprise when came upon a small child standing by himself in the middle of Den Hill Road. The deputy estimated that the child was only about 2 years of age.
May 08 12:00 AM
Last Saturday, Greene County emergency personnel were dispatched to a house fire in Paragould, a city located in northeastern Arkansas. The woman living in the home, identified as Alice Mildred Barron, 52, met Greene County sheriff’s deputies when they arrived on the scene and begged them to “save her babies.
April 24 12:00 AM
Cole’s room. But none of this raised any suspicions? Apparently, Ms. Cole was not arrested at the time of the search due to medical concerns, although it was reported that she was no longer a patient at that hospital. The Clark County prosecuting attorney's office has charged Ms.
May 23 12:00 AM
Sullum, Parsons and the like refer to government data to prove their point. Well, let’s take a look at how these data are collected. SAM- HSA, which stands for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, is a division of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

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June 18 12:19 PM
In her official statement on Trump's Singapore summit with North Korea's Kim Jong -un, US House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi makes it clear that a few million incinerated human beings are a small price to pay to keep the 68-year-old Korean War going. Maybe not forever, but at least until there's a Democrat in the White House.
June 15 10:56 AM
Rancorous comments were exchanged between Jackson and two board members over a failed attempt to add an agenda item. To say the video on the Shreveport Caddo Metropolitan Planning Commission website is an ugly display of civility is an understatement..
June 15 10:56 AM
The Green Bay Packers are one of the best examples of how a sports franchise should operate. They don’t go to the state capitol hat in hand, looking for a handout. The team is owned by citizen stockholders all over Wisconsin, and the Packers’ management doesn’t regularly try to blackmail public officials under threat of moving.

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