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August 30 12:00 AM
Another concern is that sex workers comprise a very high percentage of crystal meth users, and this increases the risk of HIV sexual transmission. In addition, China is concerned that young people under age 35 are most likely to use new synthetic drugs such as “new ice.
August 23 12:00 AM
First of all, one can take a look at the number of people who enter a licensed and certified treatment program. Of the 2,034 people who entered treatment in Stanislaus County in the year ending in June 2013, 35 percent said that meth was their primary drug of choice.
August 16 12:00 AM
When 26-year-old Drusilla Holmgren was found by San Francisco Police Department officers in the alley near Stanford and Townsend Streets around 7 a.m., she was said to be “struggling” to put on a nightgown, but was otherwise completely naked. She told the officers that she had been up all night smoking meth.
August 02 12:00 AM
In the first news item, cleveland.com reports that a 27-yearold man was seen by Portage County Sheriff’s deputies walking down Waterloo Road in Atwater, Ohio. What caught the deputy’s attention was that there was smoke emanating from a backpack that the man was carrying.
July 26 12:00 AM
Ibarra was subsequently transferred to a secure area for further examination. CBP spokesperson Teresa Small told reporters, “When they were patting her down, they realized there was something down there.” Since the condom had already been noticed, officers asked Ibarra to remove her pants and panties.
July 19 12:00 AM
As I have reported here several times, methamphetamineinduced explosions and fires are occurring with increasing frequency. The larger meth labs have been exploding and catching on fire for years and years. These labs were usually located in basements, backyard sheds or other private locations.
July 12 12:00 AM
The smuggling of meth across border crossings has increased significantly in recent years. This has been especially evident at San Diego’s San Ysidro port of entry, which accounted for more than 40 percent of the methamphetamine seizures made in fiscal year 2012.
July 05 12:00 AM
I first heard of Candice’s story when I was contacted by Mr. Tom Owens in late 2006. Tom and his wife, Dru Driver, are the executive director and president, respectively, of Healing Helpers (http:// healinghelpers.
June 28 12:00 AM
the fire. McDonough County Sheriff Rick Van Brooker told reporters that the caller told deputies that a resident of the house, later identified as Michael W. Mason, 31, was involved in some type of fight at his house. In a rage, Mason got into his car and was then seen crashing his car into a parked car.
June 20 12:00 AM
In the first case reported on tristatehomepage.com, a 2-yearold child was taken to the Owensboro Hospital in Owensboro, Ky., on Sunday, June 9, for chemical burns to her mouth. The little girl was taken to the hospital by her mother, 23-year-old Racheal Arroyo and her boyfriend, Jared McStoots, 20.

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March 16 09:51 AM
Initially, his law enforcement background will be questioned by many rank and file at the Shreveport Police Department (SPD). Reportedly, his service as public information officer and then head of the SPD Crime Stoppers program did not entail any supervisory or investigative activities.
March 16 09:51 AM
One million dollars down the drain to pay for a special session of the Louisiana legislature. And all for naught. The governor is hollering that the financial sky is falling and the state is in dire fiscal straights. Legislators protest that their hands are tied by too many constitutional dedications.
March 09 12:56 PM
It was much to my amazement that literally hundreds of Ukrainian girls were actually interested in me. Throughout each day, I would receive e-mails from the agency, with each e-mail sending a message from a woman interested in dating me.

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