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October 11 12:00 AM
Greed by public officials is not a new phenomenon, especially in our state. The Caddo Commission, which generally enjoys a good government reputation, has put a new spin on “public service” by a ballot proposition to extend their terms for up to 20 years.
October 04 12:00 AM
Although the election in Senate District 36 is more then a year away, the battle for voters in Senate District 36 has already begun between State Reps. Henry Burns and Jeff Thompson. This will be a “take no prisoners race,” and even by Bossier standards it promises to be an ugly, no-holdsbarred election.
September 27 12:00 AM
If anyone thinks that Detroit is the only city going broke, then they need to look closely at Shreveport’s financial crisis. Getting a straight answer on the city’s finances from the Glover administration — and, for that matter, — on anything that Big G considers controversial — is like looking for buried bones in Shreveport’s dog park.
September 20 12:00 AM
Like it or not, race is a factor- — a major factor — in Northwest Louisiana politics. The upcoming 2014 election for Shreveport mayor will most likely result in the election of Shreveport’s second black mayor, if for no other reason than a strong white candidate has yet to surface.
September 13 12:00 AM
The current race between Mike Miller and Brady O’Callaghen is, to date, a real yawner, with the exception of a possible public ethics violation by the Caddo DA’s staff. Calls were made last week from the appeals division of D.A. Charles Scott’s office urging attorneys to attend a fundraiser for Caddo Assistant District Attorney O’Callaghen.
Reader Opinion
August 30 12:00 AM
The most closely watched election will no doubt be the one to fill the shoes of State Sen. Robert Adley, who is termed out. Early names for this race are well established Bossier politicians – State Rep. Henry Burns and State Rep. Jeff Thompson. Rickey Jackson, another Republican, is being mentioned, and reportedly former State Rep.
August 02 12:00 AM
Despite the fact that there will be an election in Caddo Parish on Oct. 19, most political junkies are focusing their sights on next year. Interest in this fall’s races for District Judge, Parish Commissioner (District 5), Blanchard Alderman and a home rule charter proposition has drawn scant attention to date.

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June 22 11:13 AM
The flag consists of 13 alternating red and white stripes that represent the 13 original colonies, and 50 white stars on a blue field, with each star representing a state. The colors on the flag represent:.
June 22 10:53 AM
They pay the Shreveport Airport Authority (SAA) for the dirt the hangars sit on, at a rate of either $.15 or $.19 cents a square foot depending on whether it is a private or commercial lease. Some of them do pay $100 a month for dirt, but others, depending on the size of their lot, pay many times that.

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