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July 14 07:02 AM
Shreveport Police Chief Alan Crump promoted six Shreveport police officers Monday afternoon in a ceremony held in the police department’s Public Assembly room at Shreveport Police headquarters..
July 14 07:02 AM
1. Elio Motors was never a good or viable idea and never should have been given the exclusive option to purchase both the moveable and immovable property at the Shreveport plant. Paul Elio has an interesting vision for the future of automotive transportation.
July 14 07:02 AM
The University of Findlay is one of the largest private colleges in Northwest Ohio. With a total enrollment of more than 4,000 students, the University of Findlay has nearly 80 programs including bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs. UF has been nationally recognized by U.
June 23 07:07 AM
For some specialized units, the new body cameras will be upgrades to the ones currently being used. The new L-3 Body-Vision XP cameras utilize the same software as the department’s L-3 Mobile-Vision in car video systems, which will allow for faster upload times and easier storage of video.
June 16 06:53 AM
Segment K Phase 2, a $139 million project, is a little over one mile of I-49 North consisting primarily of overpass interchanges. Over half of these bridges, which are pre-cast concrete segmental structures, have been fully constructed. All of the columns and footings for these overpasses are in place.
June 09 06:55 AM
Asked how it feels to be running the new restaurant, General Manager Jose Cavazos said, “It feels awesome. I’m so glad and privileged that they pay me to do this, and I’m excited about the things that are going to happen in our community here. We’re excited, pumped up, ready to serve the community.

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March 16 09:51 AM
Initially, his law enforcement background will be questioned by many rank and file at the Shreveport Police Department (SPD). Reportedly, his service as public information officer and then head of the SPD Crime Stoppers program did not entail any supervisory or investigative activities.
March 16 09:51 AM
One million dollars down the drain to pay for a special session of the Louisiana legislature. And all for naught. The governor is hollering that the financial sky is falling and the state is in dire fiscal straights. Legislators protest that their hands are tied by too many constitutional dedications.
March 09 12:56 PM
It was much to my amazement that literally hundreds of Ukrainian girls were actually interested in me. Throughout each day, I would receive e-mails from the agency, with each e-mail sending a message from a woman interested in dating me.

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