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September 19 11:46 AM
Shreveport police investigators launched a subsequent investigation. Images from the crime have been released in efforts to identify and ultimately apprehend the person responsible for the crime. The video can be viewed online at http://youtu. be/2eciCadWj8E.
September 05 11:46 AM
Although the Zodiag Building does not have the components necessary to operate a restaurant, several of the new Pop Ups are offering food. How is this possible? “It was very apparent at our very first Pop Up how important food is because food really draws people; it creates foot traffic,” Swaine said.
September 05 11:46 AM
Recent calls to citizens in our area aim to convince the person receiving the call that their loved one is either in jail, stranded in a foreign country or involved in some type of emergency and needs money transferred to them or put on a money card. The scammer may represent himself as a police officer.
September 05 11:46 AM
The Shreveport Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) congratulates Downtown Development Authority (DDA) for its successful effort to get state approval to update the boundaries of the Downtown Commercial Historic District listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
August 22 10:43 AM
A lawsuit has been filed in Caddo District Court alleging that Shreveport Police Chief Willie Shaw and other high-ranking Shreveport Police Department officers knew about the incidents taking place at Fire Station No. 8 several weeks before the arrests of five firefighters.
August 22 10:42 AM
Citizens can complete most of the state requirements in one stop by attending a class from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the sheriff’s Regional Training Academy on Saturday, Sept. 20..
August 21 10:54 AM
TKG & Associates, an independent municipal advisory firm based in Houston, has been hired to provide financial advice and services as the city moves forward with the sale of $75 million in water and sewer bonds and $93.5 million related to the 2011 general bond issue.
August 21 10:54 AM
Shreveport Green is bringing awareness to keeping Shreveport-Bossier beautiful and green with an amusing, interactive campaign designed to spread the word about respecting the community and others while encouraging residents to share experiences on social media and report areas where litter has been left.

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June 22 11:13 AM
The flag consists of 13 alternating red and white stripes that represent the 13 original colonies, and 50 white stars on a blue field, with each star representing a state. The colors on the flag represent:.
June 22 10:53 AM
They pay the Shreveport Airport Authority (SAA) for the dirt the hangars sit on, at a rate of either $.15 or $.19 cents a square foot depending on whether it is a private or commercial lease. Some of them do pay $100 a month for dirt, but others, depending on the size of their lot, pay many times that.

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