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November 28 10:05 AM
As we move into the holiday season, historically Shreveport has seen increases in some categories of crime, including armed robberies. While the total number of robberies reported through the end of October is slightly up from last year, business robberies are down 45 percent when compared to the same time period in 2013.
November 28 10:05 AM
Allen P. Ebarb, Matthew C. Frizzell, Matthew D. Henry, Michael M. Hirsch, Alisha B. House, David K. Lowery, Jasmine K. McCraney, Gavin J. Mitchell, Rickey T. Smith, Tyler A. Spikes, Justin S. Sundquist, Jacinda M. White, and Adrienna D. Widlund, Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office;.
November 28 10:05 AM
Bradford said, “I’ve asked everybody that I think I can ask, what was he referring to? There’s no evidence that I know of that he could refer to that would substantiate his allegations. What did I do to be negative? What attacks did I levy on him? I have no idea what he’s talking about.
November 21 10:15 AM
David Aubrey, regional director for AT&T, said, “We’ve supported numerous organizations thus far in 2014. … Today, AT&T is here because we want to give back even more. There is an organization doing extraordinary work for an endeavor that needs extraordinary individuals like Mayor Glover.
November 21 06:41 AM
The mayor’s comments followed Nov. 13’s ribbon-cutting at MSV for global fashion retailer H&M. The 22,000-square-foot store is one of the highest-profile retailers to join Mall St. Vincent’s lineup since Rouse Properties began an extensive makeover to reposition the mall as a leading retail and restaurant destination.
November 21 06:41 AM
Conversely, he said, his opponent, Willie Bradford, “demonstrated a tremendous lack of the genuine qualities that are required to be a leader. I’ve seen him distant and aloof, totally depending on the powers across town for his direction.
November 14 07:24 PM
Sunoco Logistics, in cooperation with local, state and federal authorities overseeing the emergency response and recovery for the Oct. 13 crude oil release from the Mid-Valley Pipeline Release in Caddo Parish, announced Monday that all recoverable oil has been removed from the environment in and around Tete Bayou.
November 14 07:23 PM
Designed for children only, the course provides basic instruction for those who may never have fired a gun but want to be able to use one safely. It is also recommended for children who will receive a new BB gun, shotgun or hunting rifle for Christmas.

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September 21 09:41 AM
I have a confession to make. And President Trump is not going to like it. I’m a southern country lawyer. Darn proud of it. In the president’s words, I may be a “dumb southern country lawyer.” I just hope the president does not have a sneering contempt for all of us Louisiana lawyers who cut our teeth practicing law in the rural areas of the Bayou State.
September 21 09:41 AM
With incumbents, the obvious factors are job performance while in office. For the mayor, this involves the leadership of the city. With council incumbents, attendance at work sessions and council meetings, votes on key issues and responsiveness to constituent matters are issues for voters.
September 14 10:16 AM
According to the May 15 guilty plea, a Louisiana State Police trooper stopped Rich’s vehicle May 3 near the intersection of Interstate 220 and Louisiana Highway 80. The trooper searched the vehicle and found a semi-automatic handgun, 141.3 grams of methamphetamine, 36.

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