December 27 06:03 AM
The victim had been advised earlier in the day to call the police department when the suspect came to pick up his belongings. When the suspect found out the victim was calling the police to escort him through the residence, he started threatening the victim.
December 20 04:42 AM
1/7/75, was issued a summons by Officers Holland and Delano for disturbing the peace. The officers were dispatched to E Texas in reference to a man yelling and cursing. Upon arrival, the officers made contact with the suspect who stated that he was the one yelling and cursing loudly.
December 13 04:30 AM
4/21/79, was arrested by Officers Alexander, Small and Holland for domestic abuse battery and resisting an officer with force. Officers were dispatched to S. Pecan in reference to a woman yelling. While gathering information about the disturbance the suspect ran from the officers.
December 06 05:24 AM
12/13/85, was issued a summons by Officer Fertenbaugh for loud music. The officer initiated a traffic stop on E Texas after hearing music being played over 50 ft. away..
November 22 05:13 AM
10/31/90, was issued a summons by Officer Holland for disturbing the peace. The officer was dispatched to E. California due to a disturbance where a couple was yelling and cursing at each other in the yard. The suspect stated they were fighting over a cell phone.
November 15 03:58 AM
11/20/68, was issued a summons by Officer Gaye and Deputy Chief Hart for disturbing the peace-fighting. Upon contact the officers spoke with the suspect and the co-defendant got into a physical altercation while arguing. Co-Defendant: Charles Patrick..
November 08 04:31 AM
Melinda Shores, W/F, DOB 8/1/81, was arrested by Officer Small on a charge of theft. The officer was dispatched to S. Pine in reference to a shoplifter, where the officer observed the suspect enter the store, and watched as she tried to return the stolen items to the shelf unaware that the officer was standing behind her.
November 01 05:47 AM
Deputy Chief Hart and Lt. Ashley were dispatched to S. Walnut Street in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival, the officers observed the suspect and codefendant standing in the street yelling at each other. The suspect had previously been banned from the residence.
October 25 05:46 AM
2/23/72, was issued a summons by Officers McCauley and Gaye for disturbing the peace. The officers were dispatched to E. California due to a disturbance. Upon arrival the suspect both admitted to cursing at each other in the yard, after the co-defendant was overheard the suspect talking about her.
October 18 05:26 AM
6/7/95, was issued a summons by Officers Small and Fertenbaugh for disturbing the peace. The officers were dispatched to NCMC due to a disturbance. The suspects admitted to arguing about having to walk in the rain..

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March 19 06:02 PM
Every five years, several ad valorem property taxes are placed before the citizens for renewals that provide basic city services and salaries/ benefits for our first responders and other city employees. The last time this occurred was 2013. In 2017 the taxes expired, and we made the decision to only go out for the taxes when necessary, and not before.
March 19 06:02 PM
Initially, his law enforcement background will be questioned by many rank and file at the Shreveport Police Department (SPD). Reportedly, his service as public information officer and then head of the SPD Crime Stoppers program did not entail any supervisory or investigative activities.
March 19 06:02 PM
One million dollars down the drain to pay for a special session of the Louisiana legislature. And all for naught. The governor is hollering that the financial sky is falling and the state is in dire fiscal straights. Legislators protest that their hands are tied by too many constitutional dedications.

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