June 01 04:24 PM
Upon contact, the complainant claimed that she was going to her friend’s apartment when the suspect stopped her and said, “Bitch, you’re not going upstairs.” She said the suspect physically grabbed her, pushed her and threw her cell to the ground. She said he started walking toward her real fast, swinging at her.
May 25 09:50 AM
The victim also had a cell phone video of the suspect approaching her in an aggressive manner and threatening physical violence on her. She said she felt she was going to be battered. Post- Miranda, the suspect said they were resolving an issue, and he tried to kiss her, then she scratched his neck.
May 18 05:09 PM
The complainant confronted the suspect, who told her he had a receipt. She told him to drop the quilt. He did and left the property. On May 8, a store clerk at Family Dollar saw the suspect taking bedding and leaving without paying. The officer saw the suspect carrying two bags of bedding.
May 11 09:49 AM
Upon contact, the suspect allegedly was unable to stand and had slurred speech and a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. The officer tried to place him into handcuffs, and the suspect began pulling away and would not allow it. After several palm heel strikes, the officer was able to overcome the resistance.
May 04 09:47 AM
Upon arrival, the victim claimed his partner punched him repeatedly. Prior to Mirandizing, the suspect admitted that he pushed the victim’s head first..
May 04 09:47 AM
While at the hospital, the suspect became verbally aggressive with the officer and hospital staff. She then stood up and was told to sit multiple times, but she refused to comply. The suspect began trying to head-butt the officer in the face, instead striking him in the chest.

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