September 21 09:41 AM
The suspect snatched away from officers and said, “I’m not going anywhere, plus I’m eight months’ pregnant.” Officers grabbed the suspect from behind, placed her on the ground and handcuffed her..
September 14 10:16 AM
Upon officer arrival, the suspect was located in the residence being extremely irate toward officers. Post-Miranda, the suspect said, “F—- a lawyer.” He then began to pull away from officers who were searching and kicked an officer on his right let.
September 07 10:03 AM
The officer saw the suspect acting suspiciously during a traffic stop. Upon contact, the officer saw a pointy object in her bra area. The suspect was allegedly found to be in possession of a suspected crack pipe. Post-Miranda, the suspect was searched by a female officer.
September 07 10:03 AM
The officer responded to a disorderly person. The suspect was walking in a city street. Upon contact, the officer allegedly detected a very strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her breath and person, slurred speech and a glossy, red tint to her eyes.
August 31 09:36 AM
The suspect began to curse, asking for his f——ing keys. He began to hit a sign at the corner of Spring and Travis streets, causing attention. Upon contact, a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage was detected. His speech was slurred as he stumbled while walking.
August 31 09:36 AM
Upon the officer’s approach with lights and sirens, the suspect allegedly drove away over the speed limit, then ran a red light. The suspect lost control of the vehicle and rear-ended another vehicle. He ran out of the vehicle and ignored the officer’s verbal commands to stop running.
August 24 09:39 AM
The officer conducted a traffic stop in a high-crime area. The driver and the passenger were instructed to exit the vehicle. The suspect was instructed five times to exit the vehicle. Once out, officers tried to pat the suspect down for officer safety. The suspect became noncompliant.
August 24 09:39 AM
The suspect continued to yell, “shut the f—- up!” to his friend, who was sitting on the porch with him. The officer told the suspect to stand up, as he was under arrest. The suspect was told two more times to stand up. The suspect finally stood up and was placed in handcuffs.

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