April 13 11:20 AM
Officers were told the suspect’s name by an employee. The suspect was located and taken into custody. During a search, several items that belonged to the victim were found on his person. He also had a single black glove in his pocket..
April 06 09:38 AM
Officers responded to a minor accident in which the suspect allegedly fled the scene. Post-Miranda, the suspect said he wasn’t trying to leave, he was trying to stop. The suspect drove at least two miles before stopping due to his front wheel being torn up.
March 30 11:42 AM
The suspect was allegedly inside an abandoned house with four juveniles. A concerned citizen called and said she saw all five go inside the rental property. When the officer knocked on the door, he saw the subjects running through the house. The suspect said he only came over from his address to get his brother.
March 30 11:42 AM
The officer saw the suspect walk across Travis Street with an open container of an alcoholic beverage. As he was walking with the 20-ounce Bud Light, the officer told the suspect to throw the drink in the trash. The suspect allegedly refused and continued to consume the beverage in public.
March 23 09:52 AM
Witnesses on scene backed up the victim’s story. Post-Miranda, the suspect did not make a statement. The victim and the victim’s mother did not give the suspect consent to strike the victim..
March 16 09:51 AM
A jacket, mail, W-2 and $350 were stolen. The rear window was shattered. Video showed the entire offense. The suspect allegedly entered and stole the items without consent. She was located on March 6. Post-Miranda, the suspect said she took the items out of anger and later threw them in the parking lot across the street.
March 09 05:44 AM
The officer saw a vehicle with an expired dealer tag at a stop sign at State and Linwood Avenue and conducted a traffic stop. As the vehicle came to a stop, the passenger allegedly bailed out of the vehicle and started running. The officer followed him on foot.
February 16 06:21 AM
The suspect was an employee of the company and not authorized to drive the truck. The complainant said the suspect never asked permission to take the truck. The suspect allegedly took the truck in the middle of the night without permission. The foreman in charge of the truck also said he did not have permission to steal the vehicle.

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The flag consists of 13 alternating red and white stripes that represent the 13 original colonies, and 50 white stars on a blue field, with each star representing a state. The colors on the flag represent:.
June 22 10:53 AM
They pay the Shreveport Airport Authority (SAA) for the dirt the hangars sit on, at a rate of either $.15 or $.19 cents a square foot depending on whether it is a private or commercial lease. Some of them do pay $100 a month for dirt, but others, depending on the size of their lot, pay many times that.

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