January 20 05:56 AM
Post-Miranda, the suspect admitted to doing this, saying that after opening several loans she was unable to keep up with the payments. The suspect recognized each name that the officer asked her about and admitted to opening several loans in those names.
January 13 05:16 AM
The suspect allegedly committed a theft of 11 boxes of landscaping/ backsplash bricks estimated at $100 per box and had two more by the door to remove. The 11 boxes were recovered at her residence. Post-Miranda, the suspect said she did not have consent to be at the residence or to remove the property.
January 06 05:15 AM
Shakina O. Murphy, B/ F, DOB: 9/7/92, of 1527 State St., Shreveport, was arrested by Officer S. Holden on a charge of simple kidnapping. On Dec. 18, officers responded to a domestic dispute at 6207 Tulsa involving the victim and the suspect. The victim reported a physical altercation between the two of them.
December 30 05:59 AM
The officer responded in reference to a domestic situation. Upon arrival, the victim claimed that the suspect had threatened her and struck her in the head. The suspect said they argued earlier that day. The victim said the suspect grabbed her phone and threw it to the ground, causing it to shatter.
December 23 06:03 AM
The suspect gave officers a false name of Michael Bradford Jr and a date of birth of 8/1/80 and was found to have a warrant under his true identity..
December 16 05:38 AM
11/18/92, of 247 W,. 80th St., Shreveport, was arrested by Officer C. Glass- Bradley on a charge of theft of goods and on warrants for no driver’s license, failure to yield and red lights. The suspect allegedly concealed a product in her purse. The suspect was seen by employees and detained by the officer.
December 02 01:56 AM
The victim claimed the suspect struck her with a closed fist on the left side of her lip. The victim then grabbed a plate and threw it at the suspect. The victim suffered a busted lip, and the suspect suffered a scratched elbow. The two have been in a relationship for the past eight years and have lived together for four to five months.
November 25 05:27 AM
After he was asked to leave the home, he made a threat to beat the complainant up if she didn’t find his information by the time he came back. The officer witnessed the suspect make the verbal threat while he was on scene..
November 18 05:39 AM
The officer saw the suspect walking northbound on Curtis Lane. During a pat down, the officer allegedly felt the handle end of a firearm tucked down in the front of the suspect’s waistband. The suspect was concealing a .40 caliber Smith & Wesson fully loaded with a round in the chamber.

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