October 20 06:00 AM
Also, the suspect’s bank records show a $158 purchase at Walmart on Set. 26 in close proximity to the withdrawals. During a post-Miranda interview, the suspect produced text messages showing he was involved in what he believed to be some kind of grant with “U.
October 13 06:28 AM
The suspect also had slurred speech and red eyes and was unsteady on his feet. He also did not know where he currently lived..
October 06 06:19 AM
The officer responded to an assault and battery. The victim and the suspect have been staying together for four to five years. The victim claimed that everybody was chilling outside, having a good time when one of her male friends gave her a kiss. The suspect allegedly became irate, picked up a cup and threw it at her.
September 29 06:18 AM
She was allegedly exhibiting indicators of impairment and/or intoxication, including red, glassy eyes, slurred speech, an odor of an alcoholic beverage on her breath and unsteadiness on her feet. On scene, the results of the HGN and the walk-and-turn indicated impairment.
September 22 06:31 AM
The suspect was located hiding under a bush at 3013 Burson Drive. Post- Miranda, the co-defendant said he picked up the suspect and told him a firearm was under the passenger seat. The suspect, a convicted felon, sat in the seat knowing the gun was now in his possession.
September 15 06:32 AM
Upon arrival, the suspect’s spouse claimed that he and the suspect had been having relationship issues prior to his arrival. The spouse said he saw the suspect set several of his clothing items on fire in the front yard. Post- Miranda, the suspect admitted to setting the clothing on fire in the front yard.
September 08 06:30 AM
The officer was advised of a stolen white Chevy vehicle being tracked by the owner and was last located at 2450 Lakeshore Drive. Upon arrival, the officer saw the vehicle at the pumps and the suspect heading to the pumps. The suspect said he was with another male in the vehicle, and the suspect fled on foot.
August 25 05:41 PM
to steal from inside the house because she knew the victim. She also drove them to the burglary with the suspect’s girlfriend. Post- Miranda, the girlfriend said she was present and saw the suspect go into the back yard and then come out of the garage with a big, black, metal box.
August 18 05:52 AM
Upon contact, the officer allegedly smelled a strong odor of burnt marijuana coming from the suspect’s person. The suspect admitted that he just smoked marijuana prior to officer contact. In plain view, the officer saw two rolled-up cigarette joints which contained a green, leafy substance resembling marijuana.

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