June 02 08:51 AM
both requiring staples, and bruising to his back. He said the suspect moved out of the residence in June 2016, and since then, he has had her removed from the lease. A witness said he saw the victim strike the victim with the bat and the victim trying to prevent the strikes by grabbing the bat.
May 19 06:43 AM
Upon arrival, the complainant claimed that her boyfriend punched her repeatedly following an argument. She said the suspect accused her of cheating and then began to punch her in the head. Post- Miranda, the suspect said that his girlfriend of six months was lying about the entire situation.
May 12 06:42 AM
Outside witnesses stated that the suspect did strike the victim multiple times, and he was arrested. Post-Miranda, the suspect said he did not hit her and told the officer to ask the victim. Due to fear of retaliation from the suspect, the victim did not want to answer any questions.
May 05 07:09 AM
Upon contact, the vehicle was occupied by three males, and the officer could allegedly smell an odor of burnt marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. The officer asked all of the subjects to step out of the vehicle, and he patted them down for weapons.
April 28 06:54 AM
Between March 24 and 27, the suspect cashed two checks that were styled “McDonald’s and drawn on the business account of Coaxum Enterprises and totaling $968. On April 11, he cashed a forged Pizza Hut check in the amount of $759. The suspect said he was provided the checks by his cousin and agreed to cash the checks in exchange for $250 from each one.
April 14 08:30 AM
The suspect said he was on drugs and some people were after him. The complainant had asked the suspect to leave, and he refused. The officer asked the suspect to step outside, and he allegedly refused. The suspect started swinging, pushing, kicked the officer and started throwing elbows.
April 07 06:45 AM
The complainant claimed that the suspect sent pictures of their 3-year-old daughter’s eye. The suspect said that the child poured fingernail polish on her couch, and she grabbed her shoe to discipline her. She said she went overboard and struck the child in the face.
March 31 03:22 PM
While handcuffed, the suspect slipped them from behind his back and placed them in front of his person in an attempt to escape custody. He was instructed to place his hands behind his back and pulled away from the officer, refusing to obey verbal commands to stop resisting.
March 24 06:07 AM
Between Feb. 24 and 28, the suspect allegedly used the victim’s Direct Express debit card without his permission. The suspect withdrew $7,892.70 from the victim’s account. Video surveillance from several businesses showed the suspect using the victim’s debit card at ATMs.

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