December 02 01:56 AM
The victim claimed the suspect struck her with a closed fist on the left side of her lip. The victim then grabbed a plate and threw it at the suspect. The victim suffered a busted lip, and the suspect suffered a scratched elbow. The two have been in a relationship for the past eight years and have lived together for four to five months.
November 25 05:27 AM
After he was asked to leave the home, he made a threat to beat the complainant up if she didn’t find his information by the time he came back. The officer witnessed the suspect make the verbal threat while he was on scene..
November 18 05:39 AM
The officer saw the suspect walking northbound on Curtis Lane. During a pat down, the officer allegedly felt the handle end of a firearm tucked down in the front of the suspect’s waistband. The suspect was concealing a .40 caliber Smith & Wesson fully loaded with a round in the chamber.
November 11 05:12 AM
Upon arrival, he made contact with loss prevention, who saw the suspect conceal merchandise from the business. The amount of the items taken was $38.88. The suspect made it out of the store front door with the goods. Post- Miranda, Clark made no statement.
November 04 06:51 AM
The victim said the suspect called her and threatened to break her jaw. A recording of the threat was provided. The suspect voluntarily came in for an interview. Post- Miranda, he said that the victim jumped out of a moving vehicle, which is how she received the injuries to her body.
October 28 06:26 AM
All of the passengers were involved in a dispute with an unknown subject who fled the scene upon officers’ arrival. A caller said the suspect was brandishing multiple weapons during the altercation. One of the firearms had been reported as stolen by the complainant.
October 21 06:29 AM
Post-Miranda, the suspect said he was involve din a fistic encounter with the codefendant which was viewable to the public..
October 14 05:05 PM
Upon contact, the suspect was allegedly found to be in possession of approximately 19 grams of powder cocaine, 29 MDMA tablets, two Xanax pills, approximately eight grams of marijuana, two Lortab pills, packaging material, a digital scale and a Ruger .
October 07 06:57 AM
When asked if there were any drugs in the vehicle, the suspect said no. The officer asked if he could look for drugs in the car, and the suspect said, “Go ahead.” The officer opened the center console and saw a Newport pack with plastic inside of it. The plastic bag contained approximately a quarter-gram of suspected meth in rock form.

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The flag consists of 13 alternating red and white stripes that represent the 13 original colonies, and 50 white stars on a blue field, with each star representing a state. The colors on the flag represent:.
June 22 10:53 AM
They pay the Shreveport Airport Authority (SAA) for the dirt the hangars sit on, at a rate of either $.15 or $.19 cents a square foot depending on whether it is a private or commercial lease. Some of them do pay $100 a month for dirt, but others, depending on the size of their lot, pay many times that.

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