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September 12 03:25 PM
Det. Demery. I believe he is one of the best police officers the city of Shreveport has, and I understand he has been re-assigned.
September 12 03:25 PM
Shreveport police violent crimes detectives immediately responded to the scene. Preliminiary information was received indicating the suspect approached Allen firing a handgun multiple times, striking Allen at least twice in the upper body. The suspect was described as a thinbuilt, black male in his mid-20s, standing approximately 5 feet 10.
September 05 11:46 AM
I was calling in reference to the ad that was put in this week’s paper, as far as the rude Sportran drivers. I have a much different opinion, for her to get on and categorize all the female Sportran drivers to one incident she has had is totally out of character.
August 29 09:58 AM
I would like to add a few more things. First of all, I’ve been keeping up with the case on the shooting in Missouri. We don’t know all the facts. Furthermore, I am not a racist. I am a retired physician in Shreveport, and I go over all the facts before I get on the phone and make a statement.
August 22 10:43 AM
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August 21 10:54 AM
Would someone please, and I empathize the word, please, explain to me why every time there is criminal activity that takes place amongst these black people that they are all made out to be such upright citizens and the policeman are the villains? In...
August 01 09:57 AM
I’ve read a few things about the Southern Loop and Providence problems. They can do like my mother did that lived there. She sold her place! She got tired of the cracked and busted concrete streets and the cracked and busted asphalt in the neighborhood.
July 25 10:10 AM
Yeah, I'm just calling about probation and parole, the actual office on Youree Drive. My fiancé has been on probation for two years. He got out, got a job, got a brand new vehicle, got a house. We had two children which he is providing for.
July 18 11:28 AM
“Chief Mulford is currently on paid administrative leave, pending the outcome of an internal investigation. Because the fire chief is the subject of the investigation, the internal investigation of this matter is being handled by the Shreveport Police Department.
July 11 09:52 AM
They cannot cancel his contract or they will be sued. Could you find out who in the world, signed him to appear at The Strand? They have to have a committee that signs the shows, so what committee and who was in charge of signing Vick to this contract? I wish you could find this out.

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