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July 18 11:28 AM
“Chief Mulford is currently on paid administrative leave, pending the outcome of an internal investigation. Because the fire chief is the subject of the investigation, the internal investigation of this matter is being handled by the Shreveport Police Department.
July 11 09:52 AM
They cannot cancel his contract or they will be sued. Could you find out who in the world, signed him to appear at The Strand? They have to have a committee that signs the shows, so what committee and who was in charge of signing Vick to this contract? I wish you could find this out.
July 04 08:01 AM
You may want to keep an eye on the arrest of John Politz in Caddo Parish. He was arrested on charges of possession with intent to distribute meth, possession with intent to distribute marijuana and possession of a firearm during the commission of a drug crime.
June 27 07:52 AM
I am calling again about the Robert Bond case. I just don't understand how anyone that loves someone could torch them. I just find something terrible about that. He knew that she had children and her children loved her, and that was a terrible way to treat the kids’ mother’s body, and I just think there was no excuse for that.
June 20 10:44 AM
to Fire Station #12. Yesterday, which was the 17th, my husband had a flat on our truck. He does a little yard work to try and get ends to meet. It was real, real hot, and no one stopped to help him. The fire truck pulled up — we were at Phillips 66 gas station on Bert Kouns — and they just jumped out and taken over.
June 13 08:52 AM
Shreveport headquarters is still full of bats, and they cannot conduct legal and lawful business inside of that building. In the past Shreveport city police has gotten itself in trouble time and time again over several things, and a lot more of the local law enforcement should have been in prison for stuff they do.
June 06 12:43 PM
I am looking on page 76 of your May 16th newspaper, and there is a sex offender listed on this page, Landman guy. He is listed as 329 Dalzell. He doesn’t live at 329 Dalzell. I live in Village Green out at Town South, and he lives out here on Malibu. I was wondering why his current address is not listed in the paper.
May 30 10:16 AM
Yeah, I would like to comment. Ilive in Swan Lake and Meadowview, and there is a problem starting to gather. There is a group of young people at 3 o’clock in the morning gathered up on the corner. Now, first off, what are they doing out at 11:30 to 3 a.m.
May 23 11:02 AM
In our May 16 issue, a caller wanted to know about a surcharge on her Centerpoint Energy bill. She said it was called a “GTIRND surcharge” and wanted to know what it was.
May 16 08:59 AM
All the officers across the country need to get up off their butts and start arresting people. Of course, they arrest them, and the judicial system and legal systems lets them go free within 24 hours. My case in part, is looking at The Times,.

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