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November 21 06:41 AM
I am calling regarding the streets in Shreveport. I live in the Newcastle subdivision; my city representative is Ron Webb. We have had our streets on a repair list for 10 years. I have met with numerous city officials in our neighborhood and walked the neighborhoods, and they wrote up the slabs of concrete in our neighborhood that need to be replaced.
November 14 07:24 PM
Yes, good morning. I would like to thank all the insane people that voted to send Schuyler Marvin back to the D.A.’s office. I guess they look forward to the sweetheart deals he hands out to murderers and child molesters.
November 14 06:06 AM
First, families, whenever possible, need to move away from government schools. Public schools in America have become, in many instances, the incubators for the "progressive" movement. The goal of liberals is to remove children from the family so the government can tell kids what.
October 31 09:30 AM
Yes, Patrick Williams signs are in the best place for the voters to see and be reminded to vote for him. The bus stop bench ads are one of my favorite signs. Patrick Williams is the mayor for Shreveport. What an asset Shreveport has in Patrick Williams in being an established architect and builder.
October 17 05:47 PM
The LSU Fighting Tigers, where do they do their fighting? Evidently, not on the football field and of the news a few months back, barroom brawls. They are evidently doing their fighting in the bars of Baton Rouge and not on the football field, not of late.
October 10 11:22 AM
This is my comment to the lady, Ruth. You are a big, fat liar; that is not truth. There is just as many white people getting food stamps as black folks. Second, you sound like you are racist female. You get what you get, maybe if you talked to people the right way you would get much better service.
October 03 10:43 AM
Someone had asked the question about the difference in in law schools. I believe it was the difference between a Southern University law degree as opposed to an LSU law degree. I think the issue came up when someone said Bossier DA Schuyler Marvin has a Southern University law degree.

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