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December 26 06:03 AM
I’d just like to say kudos to Sheriff Julian Whittington for standing up for what is not only morally and ethically right, but upholds strong Christian standards. Law enforcement officers are and should be held to higher standards. We look at deputies, police officers, FBI agents, U.
December 19 10:05 AM
Do you want Plain Dealing to grow and prosper? The recent article about Tim Cannon and his wife seemed that you were against any type progress or change in the community. The Cannons do have two businesses, but I don’t know that they are failures. The Custom Car shop has been around for several years and has not announced its closing due to failure.
December 19 06:22 AM
First, He would be sinless. In the Bible, we are told Jesus Christ was conceived in his mother's womb by the Holy Spirit. This was revealed to the man who would be His earthly father, Joseph, by an angel.
December 12 10:09 AM
Danny, I am calling about the  Rodessa water comment printed in last week’s paper. I am the operator, also referred to as the “idiot,” LOL. Everyone has their opinions, but I would like to clear up some of his false allegations and not being safe to drink in June and July.
December 12 10:09 AM
Planned Parenthood is "down with the struggle," even though the organization's founder, Margaret Sanger, didn't really like black people. You see, she was into eugenics and thought the black race needed to cool it on having babies. That way, they wouldn't taint the human race quite so much.
December 05 07:32 AM
There is no doubt Obama is the poster boy for America’s fall into immorality. When he is not on the back nine or spending huge sums of taxpayer money on lavish vacations, he leads the charge for unfettered abortion, gay marriage and out-of-control spending.
December 05 07:32 AM
The biggest thing that scares me about Bill Cassidy is when he says he wants to unleash the oil and gas industry. Has everyone forgotten about what BP did in the Gulf, the big spill in Mooringsport? Big business has to be regulated because they will poison the environment.
November 28 10:05 AM
Greg Young has endorsed Rose McCulloch for Council, District A. Young does not really live in District A, a fact that was proven by Willie Bradford and pointed out to District A voters. It is no surprise that Young, who finished third in the primary, is now endorsing the incumbent who finished second to Bradford.

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