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March 22 09:37 AM
Yes, I’d like to make a comment about the Caddo Animal Control. They are doing a great job for me. I moved into the Highland area about two years ago, from the country in northern Caddo Parish. I’ve never seen so many stray cats in my life. They come out every spring and so far I’ve trapped seven of them.
March 15 09:27 AM
Yes, this is about the black history and the white history comments. It appears that neither one, the white or the black knows very much about this because we’ve had a Black History Month ever since the 1920’s. Yet, I agree the black people have a lot to contribute to the United States and so do the white people.
March 08 09:31 AM
Hey, I’d like to comment about the conflict between our newest Bossier District Judge, Mike Nerren and the Bossier District Attorney Schuyler Marvin. It is scary to think about a judge owing one side or the other.
March 01 03:47 PM
This is regarding the Caddo Parish School Board uniform policies. I think it is ridiculous that the kids have to wear uniforms but the teachers and staff can come in with miniskirts and platform shoes on.
February 01 04:30 AM
I’d like to say something about the school lunches and the ones that let that child go hungry, and it happens in Shreveport as well as it does in Bossier and Webster Parish. That principal goes in there and eats her a big ole fat lunch every day. But they let that little kid go hungry.
December 28 06:23 AM
Editors Response: State laws require sex offenders to post notifications in newspapers required by the Sheriff in the parish where the offender resides. Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator requires that sex offenders post notices in The Inquisitor if they reside in Caddo Parish, as well as other newspapers.
December 21 12:42 PM
Yes, I’m calling about the prisoners having it made. No, prisoners don’t have it made. But I think that the United States ought to do like Japan do. If somebody commits or does a crime, his family takes care of him and feeds him while he is in the prison.

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