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September 27 06:05 PM
with Steve Harvey on something. Momma and daddies need to dress their little kids up like normal, everyday-type people and quit letting them walk out of the house dressed like the great whore of Babylon. We live in a sick, twisted society that lets these little, 8-, 9-, 10- year-old girls dress up like a complete whore.
September 20 09:34 AM
they apologized for the inconvenience and they were experiencing a bad problem and it would be restored as soon as possible. Knowing I was not going to see my show anymore I went straight to bed. When I checked the TV the next morning, I checked the channels, and they were all working again properly.
September 13 09:18 AM
article which opposed my opinion on the speed trap in Oil City, from the Caddo Park to where the speed reduce to 45 mph is a half-mile north of the entrance. When you get to the 45 zone, there is a “reduce speed limit” sign approximately 100 yards before you get to the speed reduction.
September 06 09:49 AM
thing. I applaud all the fathers that do take care of their children, and there is probably more that take care of their children that don’t. I really applaud that. I do agree with this, mothers or fathers, whoever the custodial parent is, should never use their children as a tool against the other one.
August 30 01:24 PM
The most closely watched election will no doubt be the one to fill the shoes of State Sen. Robert Adley, who is termed out. Early names for this race are well established Bossier politicians – State Rep. Henry Burns and State Rep. Jeff Thompson. Rickey Jackson, another Republican, is being mentioned, and reportedly former State Rep.
August 30 01:24 PM
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August 30 01:24 PM
Some major American healthcare providers are padding their bottom lines by exploiting a federal program meant to help lowincome patients. This behavior is netting them billions in ill-gotten gains. And it could be preventing many vulnerable Americans from accessing the low-cost drugs they need to treat and prevent illness.
August 23 07:42 AM
Vivian was charged with attempted murder up here in Vivian for running into a vehicle with his ex-wife in it. I also see where the local dentist, his son, and the body shop owner beat the hell out of the dentist’s son-inlaw and then the dentist and his son kidnapped him.
August 16 09:53 AM
on with the Shreveport Fire Department that needs addressing and being revealed. I have received this information from a family member who’s on the department. One occasion is the fireman hiring a prostitute at Station #8 for a guy that hangs out at that station and had sex within the station.
August 02 10:21 AM
the African-American Committee Free Back-to School Shoe Giveaway. This program states that it provides shoes for school-age children and being headed up by Rep. Barbara Norton. It states to please bring proof of government assistance.

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