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February 21 09:46 AM
Yes, good afternoon. This is reference to the new driver’s license that are coming out in the state of Louisiana. I’d like for Danny to do an editorial and any other general manager of the news stations to be vocal when it comes to putting our actual culture and nationality on your driver’s license.
February 14 12:23 PM
The drugs that are made in this country, that are available and used successfully. There is an Ohio case that just executed a man, even though it took a little longer.
February 07 10:53 AM
Troutman, was arrested and falsely accused of monetary instrument abuse and identity theft. Her only crime is having too big a heart; she is just a really generous person. The person arrested with her is guilty of these crimes, so is his partner, a female yet to be arrested.
January 31 10:54 AM
The young SPD officer named Phillip Tucker, the news said that he shot a man down with a small kitchen knife. The article last week from you, at least, expressed from someone who knew this was not right. I am in accord with that person. The DA, the Internal Affairs and SIC may have given him the OK to come back, but that does not make it right.
January 24 12:32 PM
Yes, I just wanted to make a comment on the hospital wait time. The person that said the people that sit at LSU hospital don’t work. I had taken my daughter to LSU hospital at 12 midnight, 8 a.m. that morning we were still not seen. She was very sick, throwing up, 8 a.
January 17 10:17 AM
Hello, I was calling in about this wait time at LSU. I was in the burn unit last week and I waited 15 minutes before I saw a doctor. Last year, I had cataract surgery and went for a follow-up. My appointment was at 10 o’clock that morning; at 9:30 that morning I was getting in my vehicle to come home.
January 17 10:17 AM
Benton Police Chief Pilkington issued the following response: In the Dec. 18, 2013, Benton Police Weekly Report, it showed that Officer J. Rowland issued a citation for speeding 48 in a 45 zone on Palmetto Road. That was a misprint. The posted speed limit on Palmetto Road is 35 mph.
January 10 11:58 AM
Editorials, commentary, letters to the editor and hotline comments are strictly the views and opinions of the author. Those opinions do not necessarily reflect the views of The Inquisitor,.
January 10 11:58 AM
is, I called and asked the tax office is there any way I can pay half of it this month and half of it next month. I was told no. I have to pay the whole thing at one time. I am kind of concerned about it. I want to pay it, and I have to pay it or I am going to lose my house.
December 27 09:02 AM
Editor’s Note: Our office manager, Liz Morace, was able to respond to your question: “I have the same question asked by people when they come to my house. Following with the tradition I grew up with, we do not add the baby Jesus until Christmas Eve, at which point we read the Christmas story.

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