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December 07 10:50 AM
As a citizen who travels the Cross Lake Bridge frequently, can you find out the status of the lighting on the bridge? It is very dark and hard to see at night. Exactly whose responsibility is this? State or city? Also, the lighting on the I-49 / I-220 interchange isn't lit either.
September 25 09:55 AM
Today is 9/11. We know what can happen, we have seen what happened. We know when terrorists come into our country what happens to our people and continues to happen. Our first responders are still dying because of it. Can’t people just cool it and be nice to the president? I am sick of people not respecting the office of our president.
August 31 12:34 PM
That is all you hear. Where does it stop, when will it stop and who makes it so? The African- Americans are more racial than anybody in our society, yet there is racism on every issue. I just wonder where will it stop. I just got back from a trip up in Montana, South Dakota and didn’t see one black person.
July 20 01:06 PM
Ollie Tyler, you have problem to us that you cannot run the city of Shreveport. If you really care, you will back down and let someone else be our mayor. Bringing in grant money to improve Allendale does not take care of young black men who are being killed every day.
July 13 12:02 PM
Cars parking in the streets and playing basketball in the streets. What are the mayors of Shreveport and Bossier going to say if one of these kids get run over by a car? This is against the law to do this, and these mayors know it. This can become a lawsuit.
July 06 02:25 PM
This is reference to the lady asked to stop breastfeeding in Buffalo Wild Wings in Bossier. Why the heck are you breastfeeding in Buffalo Wild Wings, to begin with? Maybe as a mother of boys, I don't want you flopping your breast out for them to see.
June 29 03:38 PM
As we approach the Fourth of July, parents, please be responsible. If you buy your child fireworks, be responsible enough to be out there with them. Fireworks are not a toy. They cause injuries, fingers blown off, fires. Please be responsible with fireworks.
June 22 11:13 AM
Willie Nelson is on the Internet asking President Trump to go see the detainees. Willie Nelson, I have always enjoyed your music, but what about the elderly in the Untied States? What about the elderly that are scrimping by just enough to get their...
May 25 11:52 AM
I just read another park downtown! Ollie Tyler, what do you not understand or get? People of Shreveport want safety for their families. They want their children to go outside and not be shot. They want street drainage. They just want safety in their town, police officers hired.
April 27 02:21 PM
I am so excited, it’s Friday, I get to read the “Finding Love on the Other Side of the World.” This is the most exciting article. Your readers are enjoying this so much, and it looks like true love. I just lost the love of my life after 37 years, but it is better to have loved and lost than never loved at all.

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