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October 20 06:00 AM
There is a statewide, federally mandated congressional election less than one year away. Every item on the current ballot could have been held at that time without any disturbance to the daily operations of state government. The current election cost taxpayers over $6 million.
October 20 06:00 AM
Clinton's evidence-less accusations don't seem to carry much weight with Assange himself. He doesn't find her "a credible person." "It is not just her constant lying," he says. "It is not just that she throws off menacing glares and seethes thwarted entitlement.
October 13 06:35 AM
I quickly found the bottle, and the bottle turned into a full-ledged dive to yet another rock bottom. I lied, cheated and was a complete douche bag while she was in jail. Hardly boyfriend material. I told myself as long as I kept money on the phone and came to visit, everything would be OK.
October 13 06:35 AM
Thompson was convicted back in 1982 of first-degree murder and given the death sentence. He came within days of being executed after spending 14 years on death row and 18 years total in prison. Five different prosecutors were involved in the case, and all knew that a blood test and other key evidence had been hidden that showed Thompson was innocent.
October 06 06:19 AM
I guess I have never been all that “cool.” I was one of those young kids who didn’t dodge the draft, and even though I was married with a child on the way and past draft age, I still volunteered to serve in the military, initially in the Army and then 12 years in the National Guard.
September 29 06:18 AM
Rock bottom. For some, it’s a sudden, unexpected crash. But for me, like most, it’s a gradual fall. It could start off as a problem at work, stress from a relationship or worry about finances. As addicts, we somethings use alcohol and drugs to escape the reality of these life stressors instead of coping.

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