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March 09 05:44 AM
The weather warms up without a lot of humidity. Flowers bloom at their very best. It’s the season of my birthday. If you live in Louisiana, we witness music festivals galore, including Mardi Gras, JazzFest and a host of local harmonic gatherings of local bands all over the state.
March 05 03:02 PM
Going through a divorce at the age of 48 was one of the most traumatic things that has ever happened to me in my life. Never did I ever imagine that I would be looking for love again after reaching "middle age" years. But sometimes God deals you a hand that you are not expecting, and you have to work with what you're dealt with.
February 23 08:25 AM
Somehow Bradford, Chief Administrative Officer Brian Crawford and Tyler all overlooked a basic problem with the brochures contents … that being that it urged voter approval of the tax initiatives. The Louisiana elections code clearly prohibits the use of public funds to urge any voter to “vote for or against any proposition.
February 23 08:25 AM
In the current competition to land a new Amazon second North American headquarters, Louisiana pulled out all stops. It would have been quite a coup for a Louisiana location to land this big prize with some 50,000 new jobs to the winner. But from the beginning, the Bayou State never had a chance.
February 16 01:47 PM
Former Obama State Department spokesman and retired Navy Rear Admiral John Kirby ripped the idea by saying, “This is just beneath us as a nation. We are the most powerful military on earth. We don’t need to be parading our military hardware down Pennsylvania Avenue to show that to anybody.

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