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February 10 05:15 AM
Here’s what Austin Goolsbee, a former chairman of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers says: “I think the world vests too much power — certainly in the president, probably in Washington in general — for its influence on the economy, because most all of the economy has nothing to do with the government.
February 03 05:38 AM
Before President Trump made his choice to fill the vacancy on the United States Supreme Court, the White House undertook a nationwide search. But by even the widest stretch of standards to be met by any nominee, one thing was pretty clear from the start.
January 27 04:57 AM
One of the new president’s first actions announced this week is to support the building of the Keystone XL pipeline that the Obama administration had disapproved. Both Louisiana senators hailed the decision and talked about all the new jobs that will come to the Bayou State.
January 27 04:57 AM
It goes without saying that public employees, especially highly paid top officials, are expected to fully comply with Louisiana laws in the course of performing their duties. And in a similar fashion, these individuals are expected to be candid and truthful when advising public bodies about the Louisiana laws that affect their agencies.
January 20 05:56 AM
Hey, Danny: I hope you had a good holiday season and everything went your way. I had a very unique experience this past week. I was put into the infirmary here at David Wade, and then put into LSU last Friday morning. I could not believe how nice all of the people that contributed to my stay and treatment there were.
January 20 05:56 AM
We hear from the national news that the country has become polarized over the election of Donald Trump. But if you want to see real division in government, just take a gander down South to the Bayou State. Republicans have been trying to pull the political rug out from Gov.
January 13 05:16 AM
You would think that in the New Year, following a year when the Louisiana Legislature raised taxes by over $1 billion, lawmakers would sense the public’s anti-tax fervor and be averse to mining every nook and cranny for more taxes. But now Gov.

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