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August 31 09:36 AM
The Hatch Act of 1939, officially titled “An Act to Prevent Political Activities,” is a United States federal law that prohibits federal employees from certain forms of political activity. A 1940 amendment extended the act to include certain employees of state and local governments whose positions are primarily paid for by federal dollars.
August 24 09:39 AM
There seems to be a wealth of fabricators at the state capitol in Baton Rouge. Gov. Edwards is accusing U.S. Sen. John Kennedy of making "untruthful comments" on the early release of state prisoners. Kennedy has countered back calling out the governor for “bending the truth.
August 24 09:39 AM
Savage started out aggressively with a Facebook page, a big announcement event in the Ag Building at the state fairgrounds and being the first to open a campaign headquarters. He began with two challenges: not being a household name and not having been blessed by the Shreveport Republican hierarchy.
August 17 09:46 AM
The Queen City of the South is under siege. No, not from hurricanes. This time, the siege is from within. New Orleans is known as the city that care forgot. But it’s been hard to let the good times roll in the Big Easy when the dice keep coming up snake eyes.
August 17 09:46 AM
Although there are no witnesses, presumably, Daysean decided to play in an open drainage ditch while helping his mother and sister move into a new residence. The shoes of the 7-year-old were found next to the culvert by his older sister. Evidently, Daysean was playing in the ditch and was swept into the culvert.
August 10 11:33 AM
For several months last year and until May of this year, Jackson drove a white 2010 Chevrolet Impala that had an expired Motor Vehicle Inspection (MVI) of August 2016. Finally, Jackson had the car inspected, and as a necessary part of the process obtained (at least for that day) car liability insurance.
August 03 11:17 AM
Down in the Bayou State, there’s a clamor for more executions. Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry makes no bones about his feelings. More executions - including nitrogen gas, hangings, firing squads, electrocution and lethal injection. But a federal judge has put all executions in Louisiana on hold for another year.
July 27 04:20 PM
With one recent Supreme Court Justice confirmed and another just appointed by President Trump, the issue of televising hearings before the nation’s highest court will surely be discussed.

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