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July 07 07:07 AM
A popular Louisiana governor died 15 years ago this month. John McKeithen was the first governor I ever met. When he was elected as chief executive in 1963, Louisiana was still a 19th century state struggling to operate in the 20th century. McKeithen was the catalyst that caused a major realignment of priorities.
July 07 07:07 AM
Finally, Shreveport Mayor Tyler took the initiative to develop a plan to address Shreveport’s increasing crime by her request to the City Council to fund an additional $150,000 for the Shreveport Police Department (SPD). It’s unfortunate that she waited so long.
June 30 04:05 PM
In the beginning of Holly’s pregnancy, I tried to hide my drug use from her since she was sober. I wasn’t very successful. If you’ve ever been an addict, then you can relate to the feeling that nobody knows what you're doing. You’re good at this. Right? Well, if you’re a family member of an addict, you can testify exactly how wrong we all are.
June 30 04:04 PM
Believe it or not, there IS a magic kingdom at Government Plaza on Travis Street in downtown Shreveport; it’s located on the fourth floor in the offices of the Shreveport Caddo Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC). The king is MPC Executive Director Mark Sweeney, and his cabinet is the nine-member MPC Board.
June 23 07:07 AM
Believe it or not, the Shreveport- Caddo Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) offices on the fourth floor of Government Plaza are closed each day from noon until 1 p.m. The lights are off, the door is locked, and the phones are answered by a recording.
June 23 07:07 AM
My addiction has caused me to shame a family name that my grandfather worked seven days a week to build. Prayers up for him, as he is fighting cancer today. It has been a long 15 years of the devil on my back with his evil, lying charms I have placed in my arm.
June 23 07:07 AM
Looking back, it amazes me at how much unnecessary pain I put myself and my family through. When I came home, I tired to hide my drug use from Holly, who was sober. I had reacquainted myself with an old demon — one of, if not the worst: a syringe filled with meth.

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