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December 29 07:05 AM
Secondly, the sale of roads, buildings, sewer systems and a number of other publicly built projects are being sold to private groups in more progressive states all over the country. New projects are regularly being bid out to private groups to either lease or own.
December 15 05:15 AM
The reason for GOP rejoicing is that they have thrown off the albatross of Roy Moore from around their necks. Republicans will no longer have to answer, month after month, every question from the press that begins with “Now, about Roy Moore?” Few Republicans could even begin to defend Roy Moore’s candidacy.
December 08 05:34 AM
Obviously, there is something fishy going on. It’s not just the election system being hacked. New reports have told us that computer systems of major companies like Sony, Equifax and even the U.S. Office of Personnel Management have been broken into. So how can we be sure that your vote cast the polls on Election Day is secure?.
December 01 06:04 AM
As expected the local media has showered the aquarium with substantial free publicity. And all the usual suspects have showered warm “fuzzies” on this new attraction, including BRF’s Entrepreneurial Acceleration Program that has the aquarium on its wall of fame.
December 01 06:04 AM
It’s getting close to redistricting time for legislators, both in Louisiana and throughout the country. By federal law, all election districts must be reapportioned every 10 years to reflect the latest census figures.

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