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March 23 11:27 AM
An investigation by Caddo Sheriff’s Det. Jared Marshall resulted in the seizure of five cell phones and the arrests of three 14-year-old girls, one 15-year-old girl and one 16-year-old boy..
March 23 09:52 AM
Detectives immediately launched an investigation. Evidence gathered through the detectives’ follow-up investigation, coupled with the video evidence, led to the procurement of a warrant charging 20-year-old Otos Berthey III of the 2200 block of...
March 23 09:52 AM
Jim Spencer Castaneda, 27, of Bossier City was arrested on two counts of first-degree rape Tuesday by detectives with the Bossier City Police Department’s Juvenile Unit following an investigation into a complaint that Castaneda engaged in sex acts with the victims on multiple occasions over the past several years.
March 23 09:52 AM
Martinez faces 10 to 50 years in prison for the attempted aggravated rape, five to 40 years in prison for the seconddegree kidnapping and one to 30 years for the home invasion.

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June 18 12:19 PM
In her official statement on Trump's Singapore summit with North Korea's Kim Jong -un, US House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi makes it clear that a few million incinerated human beings are a small price to pay to keep the 68-year-old Korean War going. Maybe not forever, but at least until there's a Democrat in the White House.
June 15 10:56 AM
Rancorous comments were exchanged between Jackson and two board members over a failed attempt to add an agenda item. To say the video on the Shreveport Caddo Metropolitan Planning Commission website is an ugly display of civility is an understatement..
June 15 10:56 AM
The Green Bay Packers are one of the best examples of how a sports franchise should operate. They don’t go to the state capitol hat in hand, looking for a handout. The team is owned by citizen stockholders all over Wisconsin, and the Packers’ management doesn’t regularly try to blackmail public officials under threat of moving.

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